Where’s Waldo?

So in one of my large lecture halls, me and my roommate play this game.The game is called ‘Where’s Waldo?’ We wait until the the lecture fills up to about 200+ people and before the teacher starts talking and teaching, we countdown backwards from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!. We instantly whip our heads around and try to find ‘Waldo.’

Yes, this kid knows we play this game. And yes we know we are silly. He is my roommate’s boyfriend’s roommate. And because of that My Roommate knows him and so we play. It was embarrassing at first when he found out that we play such a game, but now he has fun, sitting in exciting corners and watching us play and turning our heads around, looking for his location. 

I still need to meet this kid. I feel the necessity to point out that my roommate has an upper hand because she has met the guy.

This is my MLIA story for the day.

Peace out,


3 years ago on October 20th | J | 25 notes